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Our main goal at the moment is establishing and protecting a thriving population of honey bees. There is very little wild honey available and most of it is distributed among our core clients who know and appreciate the difference between honey and wild honey. We are working hard to make our wild honey widely available to the public.
Wild Mountain Honey
Out of a Demand for Quality Comes Excellence

The difference between wild honey and honey is about the same as between champagne and beer

Wild Mountain Honey have been personally collected and selected by Andrey and Sveta Anderson whose knowledge and experience stem from three generations of a strong family tradition in beekeeping and from living their first 25 years on the northern coast of Black Sea.

Furthermore, we are greatly inspired by the traditional beekeeping technique that was kept alive by Bashkir people from Siberia.

Wild, raw, unprocessed better-than-organic wild mountain honey from an ecologically clean area in the heart of the Kootenays BC. Always limited small batch production.

Our wild mountain honey is harvested in the protected mountain forest just south of Trout Lake, BC. Within 25km there is no agriculture at all, no farmers, no industry. The nearest cell tower is 60 km away.

Our secluded location helps us to make sure that our bees collect nectar from wild flowers, wild berries and trees exclusively.

Our magic honey is harvested with love and has kept the energy of sun and alpine meadows!
What makes our wild honey so unique and different from lots of other products with the name "honey"?
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What our clients are saying
Dr Pieris Nicola, London, UK
one of the owners and founders of Rosita Fish Oil - a producer of the most superior Cod liver oil in the world
The only thing I can say is WOW! Please bear in mind that I am fairly experienced with honey and apiary products and have sampled raw honeys from around the world. Some of them rare and some from the wild giant honey bee and the wild dwarf honey bee (Apis dorsata and Apis florea) whose honey is very different from Apis mellifera in terms of taste and moisture levels. So I am comparing this honey to the many other raw Apis mellifera honeys I have sampled. I can safely say this honey is one of the best. Lovely and thick. It has a nice sweetness, although not too sweet, and many complex flavors that you expect from the highest quality honey which has been derived from the nectar of many plants (polyfloral). It also has a slight smokiness to it that you find from some of the wild honeys from Africa. The honey leaves a tingling sensation at the back of your throat. There is an earthy taste to this honey and you really get the feeling that this honey has been allowed to fully mature by a dedicated bee keeper (Andrey). Lots of wax,pollen,bee bread and propolis makes this honey a true superfood and genuine paleo food. This is how honey should be. 100 out of 10!
Julia, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
It is very inspiring and pleasing to see when people do something with such a great love and care. Andrey & Svetlana put their hearts and souls into the apiary and of course results are obvious. People who tried pure, preservatives free honey will never forget the taste. This honey is exactly like from the childhood. Fresh, with a rich taste, simply phenomenal and leaves you awestruck. Honey overall is enjoying a renaissance. And particularly this honey will make you appreciate and remember what is the real taste of sweets.
Hubert Pilon, Quebec, Canada
founder and the owner of
Honey, the way it should be! Like a fine wine, really. A wild smokey taste of conifer & mountain flora. A breathtaking vertiginous experience. A deep connection with nature in its wholeness. An unaltered harvest, from bees.... Andrey & Sveta are just awesome people.
Maria Castro, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
What an incredible experience to connect with nature, feel the bees and try better than organic honey!!!
Sladjana Popovic, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
The honey is delicious and everyone loves it!
Biologically Appropriate Beekeeping

Our philosophy has always been to "make" honey of the highest quality while caring for the environment and the bees, and developing a sustainable culture. To do it, you need to be from a different planet or at least have a very different mindset.
Our products and services
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Wild Honey
  • Wild Mountain Honey, always raw with lots of pollen and propolis from untreated and unvaccinated honey bees.
Custom Warre and Log hives
  • We make modified custom Warre hives
  • As well as Log (tree) hives
  • Local delivery and installation are available
  • We can also help you to populate your new hives with our Kootenay bees
  • Mentorship and support are available to like-minded individuals only
The Kootenay Bee project
  • We select and breed our own stock. The main criterias are:
  • able to survive and thrive without any treatment
  • for more information please contact us
How to Order
You can place orders by sending us an email.
Please specify how much wild honey you would like, your contact details etc. After receiving your order, if approved, we will get back to you within 48 hours with a confirmation.
2022 Harvest - NOT AVAILABLE
We accept e-transfers to our email address, PayPal (credit cards), or cash for local delivery or pick up.
Return Policy
Due to the nature of our products we cannot accept any returns. We do our best to make sure that our wild honey is of the highest quality possible.
To make sure that your Wild Mountain Honey is real and authentic all sales are made at our apiary. Due to the always growing number of counterfeit products we do not sell our honey at other retailers, including online (like Amazon etc.) and can not be responsible for the quality of those products and consequences.
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