About us. Our journey.
From dreams of producing honey of a superior quality to creating a honeybee sanctuary
We are Andrey and Sveta Anderson. In 2010 we started our beekeeping operations being inspired by the traditional beekeeping technique that was kept alive by Bashkir people from Siberia as well as natural beekeeping technique of Emile Warre from France..

Furthermore, beekeeping for Andrey is a strong family tradition. His father taught him the basic concepts of beekeeping, which is a very common activity in Andrey's homeland - the northern coast of Black Sea.

Our family-run Wild Honey Apiary is located just south of Trout Lake, Kootenays,BC, on the outskirts of Goat Range Provincial Park.

Wild Honey Apiary was established with intention of creating a safe and protected place for the honey bees - a honey bee sanctuary. We believe that there is no better place for the bees to be - the wilderness.
The needs and well-being of the honeybees are number one on the priority list. Wild Honey Apiary is a safe place, quiet and protected, with ample forage for the bees grown with organic/biodynamic methods and free of GMO crops and pesticides in the vicinity. Only the true surplus honey is taken from the hives.
Instead of focusing on how much honey we can get from the bees we ask what can be done to protect, strengthen and heal them.
Our research is based on:

  • intense observation of the honeybees' behavior, at the entrance, in the hive and out in the field
  • beekeeping methods respecting the bees innate needs
  • exploration into hive shapes supporting the bees' need for nest scent and nest warmth

It is our commitment to teach and spread understanding of the true nature of the honeybee and her innate needs in order to heal the damages we have inflicted on her with modern beekeeping methods and agricultural practices that have been developed over the last century.
Traditionally we harvest ripe honey only. Honey ripens in our bee hives by the beginning of September. The quantity of our honey is always limited.

From forest to hive to table, our honey is never anything more or less than nature intended it to be. That which the bees give us, we give you. When we say 100% honey, we mean it! Our honey is not a varietal honey, but instead a true wild forest honey. Producing wild forest honey is difficult, and yields unpredictable, but in our opinion, it is more important to focus on quality than on quantity!

We love our bees. We believe that only happy bees can produce tasty honey!

So why do we work so hard to make our honey so good? The answer is simple. We do not gauge our success by the amount of honey produced, or even by how much we sell. Instead, our focus is on quality - quality of our processes, our packaging, our customer's experiences, and of course, our honey. Try our Wild Mountain Honey today. It is unlike anything else.