Gold Label - The Pioneer of Canadian Premium Honeys
Wild Mountain Honey - Gold has received very encouraging reviews from honey aficionados

This honey is collected from our Warre Hives
Undisturbed wilderness of British Columbia, ancient beekeeping techniques, untreated bees and our dedication based on family traditions - are the secret ingredients.
This honey is one of the best. Lovely and thick. It has a nice sweetness, although not too sweet, and many complex flavors that you expect from the highest quality honey which has been derived from the nectar of many plants (polyfloral). It also has a slight smokiness to it that you find from some of the wild honeys from Africa.
The honey leaves a tingling sensation at the back of your throat. There is an earthy taste to this honey and you really get the feeling that this honey has been allowed to fully mature by a dedicated bee keeper (Andrey). Lots of wax,pollen,bee bread and propolis makes this honey a true superfood and genuine paleo food. This is how honey should be. 100 out of 10!

Lardeau Valley is one of the last mostly undisturbed valleys in the Kootenays. Having no commercial agriculture guarantees that the bees collect nectar from wild flowers, wild trees and wild berries only. The resulting honey is simply one of the best.